Kanye Has Yet Another New Album Title And Is Giving Away Stuff If You Guess The Name

Kanye West’s upcoming album, which was formerly known as So Help Me God, SWISH, and Waves now has a new title. We don’t know the new name, but we do know that it is the acronym T.L.O.P.

Kanye is offering a reward to anyone who can guess the album’s full title with tickets to the Yeezy Season 3 premiere and a pair of his sneakers.

There were genuine guesses for the title of the album:
The Last Original Prophet
The Love of Prayer
The Lord of Pop
The Life of Pain
The Love of Pain

And then there were obnoxiously bizarre guesses:
The Love of Pizza
Tea Leoni / Original Pringles
Talking Loudly Over People
Thanksgiving Leftovers on Pianos
Tara Lipinski’s Odoriferous Poon
Traci Lords’ Obese Pachyderm
Tommy Lee’s Opaque Peen
Terminal Lack Of Pussy
Tap-Dancing Little Oscar Pistorius
Tits, Lapdances On Pianos
Tickling Lannisters On Pillows
Tarantulas Lose Organs Pooping
Taxidermist Loves Orangutan Penis
Tilapia Lemoncello Okra Parfaits
Torpid Librarian Ogles Paramedic
Telekinesist’s Lowly Obituary Post

What’s your guess?