Please Enjoy Kate Hudson Discuss The Time She Got All Handsy With Jennifer Aniston’s Ass

Kate Hudson recently went on Conan O’Brien and the second he brought up the Golden Globes and Jennifer Aniston, Hudson knew exactly what was being referenced: The butt squeeze.

“Girls are cuddly. We’re tactile. We like to squeeze and touch and hug and snuggle. It doesn’t mean it goes any further … it just means we like to get cozy.”

Tactile. Excellent way to put it.

It’s basically an unspoken rule between women that if you happen to be good¬†friends and you have shapely enough asses, you must trade butt squeezes regardless of circumstance or how many cameras are zeroed in on said asses.

So ladies, if you’re reading this, do the world a favor today and exchange ass squeezes with a close female friend should the opportunity present itself. The world, especially Conan O’Brien, greatly appreciates the sensual gesture.

[H/T Uproxx]