Kate Moss Kicked Off A Flight For Getting Drunk And Calling The Pilot A ‘Basic Bitch’

Flying sucks. I know this, you know this, and 41-year-old supermodel Kate Moss knows this. Flying back to London from a friend’s birthday party in Instagram, Moss just wanted to keep the party going when she got on the plane. The flight crew wasn’t having it, though, and refused to serve her booze. Fortunately, she was prepared with her own bottle of vodka.

That’s when the authorities were called:

She was escorted from the plane by police at Luton Airport after becoming ‘disruptive’, causing the pilot to phone ahead and ask officers to meet the flight. No arrests were made.

A fellow passenger on flight EZY2232 has claimed Moss was refused alcohol and poured herself vodka from her cabin luggage before the incident.

That’s a buzzkill. No chill, easyJet. But then Moss went full diva and started calling the pilot a basic bitch:

She called the pilot a ‘basic bitch’ as police led her off the plane, she was a little drunk and had a disagreement with another passenger on the flight as she was refused alcohol and then went to serve her own vodka from her cabin luggage. But she was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really, the easyJet crew was acting out of proportion.

Yelling “basic bitch!” at a highly skilled pilot who is about to transport you on a mechanical bird 35,000 feet in the sky is one hell of a mic drop. In a way, I respect how cavalier Moss is.

Dream wifey material?

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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