Kate Upton Tried To Explain Why Her SI Swimsuit Covers Didn’t Contain Any Actual Swimsuits

Many people who saw Kate Upton’s fourth appearance on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue this year had the same question: where are the actual swimsuits?

Mind you, it wasn’t a complaint, it was just an observation.

One of those people who also made that observation was Stephen Colbert as he interviewed Upton Tuesday night on The Late Show.

“Now I want to point out that you have a necklace around your neck,” Colbert pointed out as he displayed one of Upton’s three covers, “and…and, uh, and a necklace around your waist. Ummm, there is no bathing suit involved in this shoot at all.”


YouTube - The Late Show

Kate, in her reply, seemed a little stumped as to how to answer that. Check it out.

Oh, and of course we have accompanying pictures and videos. Duh, it’s a Kate Upton post.