I’d Rather Watch This 63-Second Video Katniss Everdeen Trying To Eat A Pita Than 1 Second Of ‘The Hunger Games’

This 63-second clip of Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) asking for and chasing around a delicious pita is EASILY 100X better than all of the Hunger Games movies COMBINED. In fact, I’d rather pay the price of a movie admission ticket to watch this video than ever spend a single dime at the box office on any of The Hunger Games movies. Just click that play button above and you’ll see what I mean.

I doubt most of you know this about me but I’m adamantly against ‘The Hunger Games’ existing as a book and/or movie franchise. The books were trash, the movies are/were comically bad, and it’s just been one giant catalyst of smoke and mirrors to raise Jennifer Lawrence on up to her pedestal as the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer deserves every fat check she receives, but The Hunger Games books and movies didn’t deserved a goddamn penny, because it’s a dumpster fire of a franchise.

Last week when I reported on Jennifer Lawrence‘s face being removed from Hunger Games movie posters in Israel I sort of went off on why The Mocking Jay (Parts 1 & 2) should never have existed, but I guess I need to take a step back today and realize that without those movies this glorious 63-second clip of Jennifer Lawrence chasing a delicious pita would never have existed.