#ThrowbackThursday: Remember When Katy Perry Was A Backup Singer For Christian Band P.O.D.? (VIDEO)

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wallpaper blogspot

Remember P.O.D.? The Christian rock/rap rock/nu metal band who had quite a bit of success in the early 2000s?

They had the 2001 hit “Youth of a Nation.”

Then there was “Boom.”

They had the 2003 hit song “Will You.”

Well they also had Katy Perry as a backup singer. YES, that Katy Perry.

The site Metal Sucks made the curious revelation while browsing Katy Perry’s Wikipedia page.

Perry sang backup vocals on the Payable On Death’s 2006 song, “Goodbye for Now.” She also accompanied the band when they appeared on The Tonight Show, which you can see below.

So that’s your odd #ThrowbackThursday tidbit for the day.