Katy Perry Plays a Cheetos-Eating Egyptian Pharaoh in Her New Video For ‘Dark Horse’

And Juicy J’s “there’s no going back” line is dropped by a Legends of the Hidden Temple Olmec-style statue.

Look, I am an unabashed Katy Perry fan, and Dark Horse is one of my favorite songs, but this new video for it is just… weird.

First off, it’s set in ancient Egypt, which makes no sense (the song isn’t Dark Chariot). Except all the Egyptians are blue and they dissolve into pink sand when Katy Perry shoots magic at them. Then, at the 1:50 second mark, she’s eating fucking Cheetos.

Brain explode. But maybe that’s because I’m sober at work. So do this the right way. Take a massive bong rip, wait five minutes, then watch.

This is so fucking weird.