Watch Keanu Reeves Show Off Some SICK John Wick-Style Shooting Skills On The Gun Range

Keanu Reeves became my all time favorite action hero after I saw him in the epic film John Wick. If you somehow haven’t seen it yet you truly are missing out because Reeves played one of the most badass characters in film history.

Now, thanks to the video below, we have a little glimpse into how he pulled it off.

Bro can absolutely shred on the gun range.

It doesn’t say why Reeves was at the Taran Tactical gun range, but one might guess he was doing a little training for John Wick 2, which can’t come out soon enough for my taste.

Regardless of the reason, it’s obvious that Reeves has been putting in some serious work to make his shooting look as real as possible when he’s filming.

H/T The Roosevelts

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