Kevin Smith’s New Comedy Is Called ‘Hollyweed’ And It’s All About Working At A Marijuana Dispensary

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On Saturday night, while it was dumping snow outside, I watched Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back for the first time since my junior year in college. I’ve watched that movie 100 times — usually heavily under the influence of THC. It’s easily a top 20 stoner flick when you just want to space out and laugh at something incredibly stupid, like Blunt Man and Chronic having a lightsaber battle with Cock Knocker, as played by Mark Hammill — Luke Skywalker himself.

Don’t get me wrong — The other ’90s Kevin Smith movies with Jay and Silent Bob are great too (especially Dogma), but Strike Back is so over-the-top ridiculous that it makes the 9th grade me giggle inside.

As a Kevin Smith fan, I’m beyond excited for his latest project. It’s a comedy called Hollyweed and all about the workers at a marijuana dispensary in Lalaland. Smith himself will star in it, so we’ll get a taste of what Talking Bob is like behind the counter of the legal weed biz. Here’s a little more info via Variety:

The project, written, directed by and starring Smith, is set in a Los Angeles cannabis dispensary. It follows two potheads, played by Smith and Donnell Rawlings (“Chappelle’s Show”), who battle a neighboring cookie magnate played by Kristin Bauer van Straten (“True Blood”) and enlist the help of a charming porn star played by Frankie Shaw (“Mr. Robot”), to help them navigate the ups and downs of managing a small business in their quest for profits and the perfect bud.

Clerks in a dispensary. Spark those bongs and cross your fingers it gets picked up by Netflix.

Oh and a fun fact about Smith’s working title Hollyweed: The Hollywood sign was famously changed to Hollyweed back in 1976 when California finally started to chill with its weed laws.

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