Some Lucky Kids Will Have No Homework For A Year Because Their Teacher Met Lil’ Jon

There’s not a lot of story to this, just that Lil’ Jon posted this to Facebook earlier today.

(Here’s a link if the Facebook embed doesn’t work on your phone).

I have a lot of questions.

I mean, did she know Lil’ Jon hates homework? Does Lil’ Jon hate homework? Is this a viral marketing prank for the Department of Education?

But my biggest question of all is, WILL SHE FOLLOW THROUGH?

Because that’s fucked up if she reneges on her sign.

Watch it turn out she’s a pre-school teacher. Fooled us all.

Also, it’s November. I hope this isn’t some bullshit, until the end of 2014. No. Year means school year.

[Via Redditor CarnOnTheCob]