Cute Blonde Uses Magic To Turn Herself Into Buster Bluth From ‘Arrested Development’ And I Feel Weird About This

When I first saw the headline ‘woman becomes Buster Bluth’ over on TheAwesomer my hunch was that this was just going to be some sort of performance art where she moved in with her mom and started drinking juice while banging the neighbor. I was wrong and apparently, this chick’s a witch who went to Hogwarts and specialized in Transfiguration because with the use of makeup she went from being a hot blonde to Tony Hale, the actor that plays Buster Bluth on Arrested Development.

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If you’re not an avid Arrested Development fan like myself then all you really need to know about Buster Bluth is he lived at home past 40 and took collegiate courses on Cartography but can’t read a map for shit. As for this Kiki G. chick on YouTube I know absolutely nothing about her and my colleague Chris Illuminati sent me this video because he knows I’m a big Arrested Development fan. So if you’re interested in learning more about her then I’ll allow you to bounce around her YouTube Channel on your own.