Watch The First Trailer For ‘Kindergarten Cop 2’ Featuring Dolph Lundgren

Kindergarten Cop was pretty much a perfect movie. It came out over 25 years ago in 1990, when I was five years old and *actually* in kindergarten. It’s Arnold at peak Arnold.  Ferrets have never had a more important role in a movie.

Unlike some franchises just begging to be remade (looking at you, Ghostbusters), no one was really clamoring for a Kindergarten Cop sequel, 25 years later.  But Hollywood is pretty good at recycle ideas, so a studio made a Kindergarten Cop 2, which will NOT be released in theaters, according to EW. It stars Dolph Lundgren as an undercover FBI agent, because if you’re going to have someone try to fill Arnold’s shoes, it might as well be Ivan Drago.

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