Want to Know When ‘Breaking Bad’ Returns?

The answer is August 11. The final eight episodes begin airing on August 11. After checking the calendar, I can say with confidence that August 11 is too far in the tuture. Much too far in the future. It's criminal for AMC to claim today that the arc makes up the “second half of the fifth season,” considering the first eight premiered on July 15 of last year. This is the fifth season in name only. 

Whatever, it'll be good.

A talk show will also air after each week's episode. From Entertainment Weekly:

AMC also announced its adding a post-episode chat show, Talking Bad. The network hopes to continue the success that it has enjoyed with its post-Walking Dead talk show, The Talking Dead. No word yet who will host.


Is Giancarlo Esposito available?

[H/T: Entertainment Weekly]