Kristen Bell Shaved Dax Shepard’s Butt For A Movie Role Because Of Course She Did

Dax Shepard, appearing on Conan last night, recalled the priceless story of how as he was prepping for a nude scene in a movie he realized that his butt, while smooth on the cheeks, had what Andy Richter described as having a “forest in the valley.”

“My big fear was the it would look like a werewolf was trying to escape my butt crack,” quipped Shepard.

But rather than have a professional clean up his mess, as Conan suggests, Shepard had his wife Kristen Bell do the dirty work.

Of course, this being Dan Shepard and Kristen Bell, she did the whole thing while singing “Funky Town.” Which, as Andy points out, was appropriate because she did indeed, take a trip, to Funky Town.