The Kroll Show Nails It With How Philly and Pittsburgh Kind of Can’t Stand Each Other

This week on “The Kroll Show,” Nick took a couple of jabs at how Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities love beefing with each other like five-year-old kids on the playground. A big chunk of Kroll’s writing staff  comes from the Keystone State, so the subject hits close to home.

For those not familiar with the inter-state rivalry, Philadelphians think Pittsburgh is a rusty pile of redneck trash who can’t pronounce the English language correctly (see: “yinzers“), and trash; Pittsburgh-ians think Philadelphians are loudmouth douchebags riddled with STDs who also can’t pronounce the English language correctly (see: “woooder“). This manifests itself in all sorts of hostile attitudes beyond just sports teams: “soda” vs. “pop,” Sheetz vs. Wawa, Poconos vs. Seven Springs, cheesesteak vs Primanti’s… Etc.

Anyway, Kroll nailed the stereotypes on the head in this with “Pawnsylvania,” a sketch imagining two cousins who own pawn shops that passive-agressively hate each other. If you’re self-aware enough to get the regionalisms, you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

“Every piece of shit’s a classic in Pittsburgh.”

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