John Oliver Eviscerates The American Health Care Act On ‘Last Week Tonight’

Paul Ryan and his fellow Washingtonian politicians unveiled the American Health Care Act last Monday, or as some are calling it ‘Obamacare Lite’. This ‘repeal and replace’ alternative to Obamacare has been poorly received, but it’s not even close to ‘dead on arrival’ as many political pundits have called it.

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver breaks down all of the known issues with the American Health Care Act. Nobody anywhere is claiming that Obamacare is perfect. Clearly, Obamacare had flaws throughout. But, instead of actually attempting to fix those flaws it appears as if Paul Ryan’s executed his lifelong plan to gut Medicaid.

Current projections have between 6 and 15 million Americans losing health care coverage because of this bill, according to S&P Global and Brookings. That’s a literal shit ton of people who will lose their health care coverage in the very near future if this all comes to fruition. Even Breitbart, the most staunch supporter of the current GOP administration, came out against the American Health Care Act.