These Leaked Pics Might Be The Dead Rising 4 Poster And Gameplay Images

A poster and screenshots of Dead Rising 4 have allegedly leaked. The zombie action game was not supposed to be revealed until June 14 at E3 2016, but images are appearing online.

Alleged photos of the upcoming Dead Rising 4 were revealed on the ThisGenGaming site and Reddit.

A poster was revealed on Imgur.

Screenshots of gameplay have also leaked.

The wintry scene would back up the rumors that DR4 takes place in Willamette, Colorado, the same location as Dead Rising 1. And it also means that Frank West is back! West didn’t appear in Dead Rising 3.

From ThisGenGaming:

The game is rumored to be a complete remake of the first game with co-op added as well as online functionalities. Fans of the franchise might also recognize Frank West in the first image, lending itself to the veracity of these images. As always, we’ll update this article as and when we hear more on the game.

Expect more details during Microsoft’s press conference next Monday.


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