Say It Ain’t So, Leo… DiCaprio Reportedly Engaged To Swimsuit Model Kelly Rohrbach

This isn’t funny, Kelly.

Okay, so we’ve heard this song before. Like last year when it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio moved in with his girlfriend, model Toni Garrn.

Sure, he’s engaged. Riiiiight…

But before we totally poo-poo this report that Leo is engaged to Kelly Rohrbach (who we love), we also once thought that George Clooney would never get married too didn’t we?

Let’s see what OK! magazine, who is running this story on their cover (uh oh), has to say before we judge…

After spontaneously proposing to the model over an intimate dinner, the actor will officially be off the market.

When The Wolf of Wall Street star confessed that he “wanted to spend the rest of his life with her,” she was “shocked.” The source added, “Leo convinced her that he meant it, and she agreed with a kiss.”

While Leo will have a prenup, he doesn’t believe the couple will ever need it. “Leo is unbelievably happy,” the source said. “He tells everyone she’s hot, she’s smart and his mom loves her.”

Yeah, no.

No chance.



Our Brandon Cohen is going to be so disappointed.