Leo DiCaprio’s Hot Model Girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach Made A Superb Golf Instructional Video

kelly rohrbach golf tips


Kelly Rohrbach is not only Leonardo DiCaprio’s current girlfriend, she is also the reigning Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year. (Something we openly campaigned for and sure, we’ll take credit. Thanks.)

But not only is Kelly Rohrbach those two most excellent things she was also a golfer at Georgetown during her college days. (One of the big reasons we voted for her as Rookie of the Year.)

So who better than her to make an instructional video to help out us weekend warriors when we hit the links? (Okay, there could be a lot of other people, but none of them won awards for wearing a swimsuit…yet.)


Here’s another completely relevant video that you also might enjoy…

She also looks good in things other than swimsuits, by the way…


But yeah, swimsuits are definitely where it’s at…

Damn you, Leo.