Leonardo Dicaprio’s Recovering Drug Addict Brother Opens Up About Why The Two Haven’t Spoken In Two Years

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Have you bros heard of Adam Farrar? That dude with the super minor TV roles in shows like Eight Is Enough and Battlestar Galactica? Ok, no. Me neither. Adam’s biggest claim to fame is undoubtedly being the older step brother of the biggest star on the planet and former Pussy Posse ring leader, Leonardo DiCaprio.

In a candid interview with Daily Mail, Ferrar, 45, opens up about his once inseparable relationship with his step-brother and the reasons why they haven’t spoken in over two years. Leonardo DiCaprio is worth an estimated quarter of a billion dollars and Ferrar is a recovering heroin addict who works as a poorly paid TV scene-painter.

‘We were once so close,’ says Adam, shaking his head sadly. ‘I loved him and I still do. But we’ve not spoken in a couple of years. The last time I saw Leo was at his birthday party a couple of years ago.

‘I’d been invited by another friend. Leo was pleased to see me and gave me a hug. But when I try to call him, my messages go unanswered. He has a whole team around him now and it’s impossible to penetrate that wall of hangers-on.’

Adam claims that the fringe benefits of being the brother of the biggest star on earth eventually derailed his life, as he became dependent on the ‘free women and free cocaine.’ DiCaprio, on the other hand, reportedly has an aversion to drugs, and is bothered if ‘anyone lights up a joint around him.’

From an outsiders perspective, the perks of fame by association seem like a tough thing to pass up…

‘We went with Demi Moore to Versace’s last show in Paris before he was killed and Gianni fitted us both for suits himself. After the show we partied with all the Victoria’s Secrets models. We’d go to the Playboy Mansion and hang out with Oliver Stone.

‘One New Year’s Eve, Planet Hollywood loaned us their private jet to fly to Miami for a week, and then to New York, where we took an entire floor of rooms at the Mercer Hotel. We’d fly to championship basketball games, and hang in the locker rooms.

Despite insisting that he does not blame Leo for his downward spiral with drugs, Adam is most bitter that his younger brother, who he himself encouraged to go into acting, has no interest in his life.

‘Leo wants to save the world but he seems more concerned about the environment and climate change than he does about his own brother. It hurts,’ he laments.

As for Leo’s lavish lifestyle of dating supermodels (currently Nina Agdal) and partying on super yachts with women half his age, Ferrar says he pities his older brother for trying to fill a void.

‘I see his life now, the fact that he’s still doing the partying and hanging out with models, and I feel sorry for him. He hasn’t grown up.

‘I’ve been with the same woman for 17 years and have a kid, but Leo’s still a playboy.

‘When he first got famous he told me how lonely it felt. How he didn’t know who he could trust. I think that’s part of why he is like he is now. He’s seeking something to make his life complete. I hope for his sake he finds it.’

Agreed, Adam. This life seems like a living hell.

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