The Chubby Russian Leonardo DiCaprio Doppleganger Has Adopted Leo’s Life And Is A Full-Blown Celeb In Russia


You may remember about a month back, we brought you the story of a Russian policeman who was sprung into the spotlight for his uncanny physical resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Roman Burtsev, albeit fatter and whose features are a bit more sunken than Leo’s, went super viral when a Russian website his photo and publicized it.

Now, he’s doing what you or I would do if we were dad-bodded blue collar workers who were now suddenly the biggest movie star to ever live, basically–he’s riding that wave until it splashes on the shore.

He has posted several photos to his Instagram account–which now has 2,111 followers–basically living out Leo’s life. He’s posing with babes, holding an Oscar (I think you got the wrong guy, dude) and even undergoing a massive makeover to mirror DiCaprio’s character in The Revenant. 

Yo Roman, you gotta send Leo an Edible Arrangements or something–the runoff vagina you must be getting for riding his coat tails must be out of control. Woman must think of you like sunglasses–it doesn’t matter if they’re fake, if they say ‘Ray Ban’ on them, they’re Ray Bans.

Fake it till you make it.

The dude is now even starring in a TV show.

True words have never been spoken.

Good for him. Begrudgingly.

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