Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Puff-Puff-Pass According To Famous Girl Who Smokes Weed Every Day

(Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Even Kings have to learn manners, and Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio got called out HARD by Miley Cyrus for not practicing proper weed-smoking etiquette. Apparently Leo never learned the ‘puff-puff-pass’ mantra practiced by stoners worldwide, and once snubbed Miley out of the chance to take a few rips off of his vape. As you all know by now Miley Cyrus takes any and every chance she gets to either talk about smoking weed or actually smoke weed on camera, so when she was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week she took advantage of the opportunity to take a sticky icky dump on Leo’s etiquette:

As you heard in the video above, this incident went down at ‘SNL 40’, the 40th Anniversary special event of Saturday Night Live that took place last February. While Miley Cyrus makes a pretty convincing argument that Leonardo DiCaprio should’ve passed the vape, and puff-puff-pass is the proper etiquette of stoners worldwide, I do think there’s a chance that Leo was just smoking an e-cig. However, if Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio was in fact smoking an e-cigarette then I think we need to consider downgrading him from ‘Bro King’ to ‘Hipster Prince’.

As insufferable as Miley Cyrus can be at times I have to admit she does seem like someone who would have really good smoking manners. She doesn’t seem like she’d ever bogart the stash, pass you an empty bowl/bong, or ever blow smoke in your face. In fact she sort of strikes me as someone who’d likely send you home with a not-so-tiny satchel of California’s finest weed. Leonardo DiCaprio on the other hand, well, I’m worried that he’s too old to learn proper weed etiquette. He’s already 40 years old, and they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…