Want To See Leonardo DiCaprio Try To Rap ‘Scenario’ With Jamie Foxx? Of Course You Do

dicaprio rapping


Of course you want to see Leonardo DiCaprio rapping “Scenario” with Jamie Foxx. Why the hell would anyone not want to see that?

Last week at club promoter Richie Akiva’s birthday party held at 1OAK in West Hollywood DiCaprio and whole slew of big name celebrities were in attendance, but only a few made the impression that DiCaprio did when he decided to do a little rapping caught on video by DJ D. Painter.

It’s kind of hard to see Leo, but Painter assures us that it’s him, captioning the video, “Leo DiCaprio rapping “Scenario” with Jamie Foxx!!! Epic to say the least. @1OakLA was insane last night! He’s wearing a hat and has a huge beard but trust me, it’s Leo.” (This is why he’s the U.N. Messenger of Peace, people.)

Painter also captured Diddy and Jason Derulo getting their song on as well during the festivities…



H/T E! Online

Leonardo DiCaprio image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

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