Leonardo DiCaprio Was Vaping Through The Entire SAG Awards, Now I Will Buy A Vape

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I am here to apologize.

For all those posts I wrote about vapes blowing up in peoples’ faces, I’m sorry–they probably deserved it. For those articles we published about e-cigs being equally as unhealthy as cigarettes, we regret them–it was sloppy journalism. I apologize for my previous inaccurate belief that in order to smoke a vape pen, your name had to be Chad, Mitch, or Tanner and you needed to own three fedoras and an acoustic guitar that you don’t really know how to play.

Like most things in my life, I was wrong.

This became clear to me after witnessing Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio vaping his way through the entire stuffy Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. DiCaprio’s first SAG in five nominations simply didn’t compare to the buzz he got from the vape.

My reaction:

Others’ reactions:

God damnit, vaping is so fucking cool.

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