Leonardo DiCaprio’s Birthday Party Was ‘Pure Debauchery’ With ‘Scantily-Clad Women’ – Shocking Right?

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Wolf Of Wall Street

We’ve told you in the past at what a spectacle Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday parties are. A year ago, rapper O.T. Genasis attended Leo’s 40th birthday bash and described it as, “That shit was poppin’ in there. I never seen nothing like it in my life. Not ever, ever in my life.” Now there is more tales of debauchery that will only enhance Leo’s legend.

Earlier this week I told you about Red Granite Pictures, a major financer of The Wolf of Wall Street, that was being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for using corrupt and fraudulent funds to bankroll their projects. Apparently some of that funny money may have been used to shower DiCaprio with lavish gifts and a lit AF birthday extravaganza.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that “Red Granite spared no expense in celebration of the Oscar-winning actor’s 38th birthday, including the $600,000 purchase of Marlon Brando’s 1955 best actor Oscar and over a million dollars buying bottles that were brought out by scantily-clad women” in an effort to impress the legendary actor.

“It was pure debauchery,” says THR’s source. “The Red Granite guys were having a competition on who could spend the most money on champagne service. They spent over a million dollars buying bottles that were brought out by scantily-clad women, with sparklers on each magnum that were $25,000 each.”

Of course a representative for Red Granite “absolutely” denies that “this event ever happened.”

Seems a smidge better than my last bday party at Dave & Buster’s where I popped bottles of hard cider that I bought myself because my friends are too cheap. But I did win a Chinese paper yoyo with my skeeball winnings, which is probably something Leo can’t say.

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