Leonardo DiCaprio’s Holding A Charity Event Where You Can Bid To Be The Most Powerful Man In Hollywood For A Year

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This week Bro King Leonardo DiCaprio will hold a charity event at a private villa in Saint-Tropez. At that auction Leo’s biggest admirer, Harvey Weinstein aka The Most Powerful Man In Hollywood, will auction off a prize where one lucky winner will get to shadow Harvey for a year on the red carpet at the world’s most important film events.

Harvey straight up runs Hollywood, and if you want a blockbuster movie made chances are that at some point the approval of that film will come from his desk. Harvey’s also one of Leo’s biggest fans, and therefore he’s unfurling his king dingaling for Leo’s charity this year, offering up some plebeian the chance to live like royalty for a year.

PageSix reports:

The auction catalog for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation benefit at a private villa in St. Tropez on Wednesday lists “a year in the life of a movie producer as Harvey Weinstein’s personal guest for an entire year at the most important film events in the world.”

The winning bidder will get to see Weinstein as he wheels and deals at the Oscars and at Cannes, with starlets throwing themselves at him hoping for parts.

DiCaprio, an ardent environmentalist, is auctioning off a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch and the cuff links and ring he wore in “The Great Gatsby.”

Other auction listings include a private tennis lesson with Gillette spokesmodel Roger Federer and a SCUBA diving trip with the Prince of Monaco. If you ever had any misgivings about the quality of Leo’s crew, just take into consideration that he’s holding a charity event for his private foundation and was able to get an actual Prince to donate alongside the most powerful man in Hollywood. When Leo says “jump” the world says “how high?” Yes, this guy:

As for the prize of getting to be Harvey Weinstein for a year, PageSix makes not that when you’re rolling with Harvey you’ve basically got every starlet in the world throwing themselves at you in order to get their next great part. The misogyny of that statement aside, that doesn’t sound like a bad way to experience Cannes and Sundance, does it?

If you have any doubt that Harvey Weinstein is the most powerful man in Hollywood just stop for a moment and realize that at awards shows he is thanked more often than God.


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