Lil Dicky Outshines Both Desiigner and Anderson .Paak In Their XXL Freshman Cypher

It’s not really a secret that the majority of the editors over here are big fans of Lil Dicky. In our defense, there’s a lot to like. Not the least of which is that he’s a goofy white Jewish kid who is legitimately blowing up the rap game. And he’s doing it by being funny. You show me the last rapper who got famous for singing about not getting laid and also going out his way to not spend copious amounts of money on stupid shit. You can’t. The dude’s breaking the mold. Which is why I was pretty pumped when he was named a member of this year’s XXL Freshman Class. One part because he deserves the recognition but also because it allowed me to know at least one person on this year’s cover. Which is kind of why I listened to this cypher featuring him, Desiigner and Anderson .Paak. Because I’ll be honest, it wasn’t whoever the hell Anderson .Paak is that got me to click on the video. And, since it wasn’t “Panda”, I’m not really chomping at the bit to hear anything Desiigner has to say. I really only like that song because it’s easy to remember the words when you end up at a Chinese karaoke bar at 2 in the morning after you told yourself you’d only have a few beers at happy hour. Despite this, both of them put in a pretty good few bars, but Dicky absolutely kills it as the anchor to their collaboration. And yes, he does compare his lyrics to overcooked chicken.