The Internet’s Reactions To Lil Dicky Making XXL Magazine’s Freshman List Are All Over The Place

Earlier today XXL Magazine released it’s annual Freshman List of up-and-coming rappers. One of the biggest names on the list is someone we’ve been posting about for years here at BroBible: The University of Richmond’s very own Lil Dicky. We’ve celebrated Dicky a lot over the years, watching him grow into an Internet sensation known for his rapping about things deeply important to Bro culture: Smoking weed, watching sports, pregaming with buddies, staying in watching Pornhub, keepin’ it real with exes, etc. He is the most cliche “white dude” of all white dudes. Just watch his PSA for Trojan Condoms, for pete sake:

Last year he became a full-blown hip hop sensation when his anti-hip hop hip hop video “Save That Money” with Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan went viral. It forced hiphopheads to start taking him seriously even if they thought his schtick was cheeseball.

Today Dicky officially being named on XXL Magazine’s Freshman list feels like a stamp of recognition from hip hop culture at large. Except that’s not without controversy. The Internet’s reactions to Dicky making this list are all over the place — Some people are pissed that a comedy rapper made the list while others point fingers at an arrogant interview he gave a few years ago to Drew Millard at Noisey. Others think it’s great that the hip hop community finally give Dicky the recognition he actually deserves.

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