Lindsay Lohan Is Finishing Her Community Service At A Pre-School And Yeah, That Can’t Be Good

Lindsay Lohan community service

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Lindsay Lohan is here to teach your children. (Photo taken one month ago.)

Since Lindsay Lohan is only “a few short hours away” from completing her community service, she’s completed about 10 of her 135 hours, she’s going to finish up her credits at a pre-school in Brooklyn.

Oh, did we mention she has until May 28th to complete her last 125 hours of work? Because that’s kind of important. (125 divided by 17 days equals 7.35 hours per day with no days off. Nope. No chance in hell that’s happening.)

According to the New York Daily News

A Los Angeles judge last week approved the “Mean Girls” star’s request to serve her time helping preschoolers at the Duffield Children’s Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, having been placed there through Brooklyn Community Service.

Lohan, 28, has completed just 9 hours and 45 minutes of the community service she was ordered to do as part of a 2012 Los Angeles reckless-driving case. She has 125 more hours to complete by May 28.

If LiLoL doesn’t finish her community service by then prosecutors say they will seek jail time.

THEY WON’T GET IT, but they’ll seek it.

If we’ve learned nothing else over the years, Lindsay Lohan is fucking bulletproof when it comes to the law. Especially in California.

So yeah, if you have a child currently attending Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn, Lindsay starts on Tuesday. You’ve now been warned, so if you send your kid there and he or she turns out to be a master manipulator of the law like some kind of Joker or Harley Quinn in real life when they grow up don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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