Lindsey Vonn Was Looking AMAZING In Skin-Tight Pants And A Belly Shirt On ‘Conan’

Lindsey Vonn must work out.

Tuedsay night, ski champion Lindsey Vonn made a visit to see Conan O’Brien, I assume to promote the ESPYs, and Conan decided to bring up an old Instagram video where Vonn gets punched in the abs.

Naturally, this being a show about funny, she challenged Conan to take the same beating. Now, I’m not saying that Vonn pulled her punches, but she pulled her punches. Not that Andy Richter seemed to notice since we was ready to cold-cock Lindsey for even laying a hand on his moneymaker. (And ONCE AGAIN, stealing the damn scene.)

Oh, did we mention how great Lindsey Vonn looked during this appearance? Ah yes, we did. Too bad for you, Tiger.

I guess when your workouts involve things like this…

…and this…

…you do tend to be in better shape than the average human.