Watching A Hungry Lion Get Absolutely Truck Sticked By A Giraffe On ‘Planet Earth’ Was The Underdog Moment Of 2016

by 2 years ago

For those bros who are all about smoking themselves silly and throwing on a fresh Planet Earth episode, we should, like, chill. That combination is the best because you get the joy of being stoned with the guiltless pleasure of learning about our planet. It’s basically as good for the universe as recycling or cutting those plastic packing bands that hold six packs together so dumbass seals don’t strangle themselves. At least that’s what I tell myself.

During Sunday’s episode of Planet Earth II, while being seduced by the silky voice of David Attenborough, we witnessed a pride of lions try to lure a lanky giraffe into a trap to eat it alive. The giraffe had other plans, as it bamboozled the lion to the ground and high stepped into the end zone to freedom. I rewinded this scene about 6 times because it reminded me of my old high school football days. I was the lion.

Twitters was equally as baffled.


[h/t Uproxx]

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