Lisa Lampanelli Explains How Your Parents Will Eventually Get Revenge For All The Times You Pissed Them Off In Life

Lisa Lampanelli isn’t a grandparent but she understands how people operate. She understands how grandkids are a huge piece of the puzzle in the ultimate “fuck you!” from mother and father to their own offspring.

In this exclusive clip from her upcoming comedy special Back To The Drawing Board on EPIX, Lisa explains how parents will ultimately get their revenge on their kids for all the shit they pulled over the years. Her language is NSFW but she’s on point with her assessment of the relationships between grandparents, parents and grandkids. Plus she’s funny as shit.

As a parent, I can attest she’s 100% correct. Grandparents are spiteful as shit. Unfortunately for those older folks, the younger generation always gets the last laugh. We get to chose their nursing homes.

Back To The Drawing Board airs this Friday, June 26th, at 10pm on EPIX.