This Model Has 51.5-Inch Legs, Potentially The Longest Legs In The Entire World

Caroline Arthur of Melbourne, Australia is seeking to have her insanely long legs officially measured. I say ‘officially’ because while she believes that she has the longest legs in the world, and definitely the longest legs in all of Australia, her claim has no legitimacy until she can get a representative from Guinness World Records out there to measure her.

Measuring in at 51.5-inches, Caroline’s legs are within a half inch of the world record so she thinks it’s worth having them measured because it’s so close. Her legs account for 69% of her total height, and she’s never been able to touch her toes at any point in her life.

Shopping is also ridiculously hard for Caroline Arthur. Jeans/pants aren’t made for someone with her dimensions. It seems like it would be both a blessing and a curse to live a life of entirely bespoke clothing. On the one hand, you’d have a closet full of perfectly-fitting pants but on the other, it would end up costing you an arm and a leg everytime you want to buy something new.

[h/t BarcroftTV YouTube]

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