Louis C.K. Went On Howard Stern, Said He Finally Apologized To Sarah Palin For His Epic Twitter Rant

Louis C.K. swung by Howard Stern’s studio yesterday morning for a far-reaching interview and the two comedic legends were in rare form.

Stern was able to coax out some great anecdotes and one-liners during the 90-minute chat.

The most newsworthy nugget is that C.K. apologized to Sarah Palin at Saturday Night Live‘s 40th Anniversary show for going on a drunken Twitter rampage during a flight five years ago.

If you missed it, the foul-mouthed tirade is definitely worth a look.

C.K. told Stern that he felt compelled to apologize after Palin approached him after the SNL event and that it was one of the few times he’s ever apologized in his life.

Palin reportedly accepted the gesture, told him he was a vile person and then invited him to go fishing with her in Alaska.

In case you’re worried comedy’s saddest star had lost his edge, C.K. went on to say he’d love to have sex with the former Vice Presidential candidate.

Classic Louis.

[H/T: Mediate]