Louis C.K. Says What He Thinks Is The Worst Possible Career Choice, Shreds It Apart Like Pulled Pork

Comedian Louis C.K. appeared on Conan last night and regaled the host with what he believes to be the worst possible career choice of any human being: Dancing. Louis C.K. goes on at length about how physically demanding and borderline torturous Dancing can be as a profession, and he’s not wrong. He goes on to discuss how there simply aren’t enough jobs on the market to accommodate all of the dancers in the world, which is true. But Louie also defends dancers throughout his dismantling of their career choices because he has nothing but reverence for the skills required for someone to become a successful dancer.

If you’ve ever known a dancer (classical dancing, ballet, etc.) then you’ve inevitably known that person to hurt themselves. The only person I know who has ever pursued ballet as a viable career option went to college for it and has repeatedly torn, twisted, and hurt her body over the years (not on purpose, obviously).

[h/t UPROXX]