Two 20-Something Bros Are Making $12,000 A Day Selling Video Game Gun Skins Online

It’s a brave new world, one where you can make millions of dollars for an app that sends Yo to your friends and $40,000 a day selling marijuana wax for dabs, legally. VICE’s Motherboard has a story about two gamer Bros who figured out how to cash in on the millions of people who player Counter-Strike: Global Offensive every month.

21-year-old Artur Minacov and 28-year-old John Brechisci — both from Montreal — founded OPSkins this past January. Gamers use OPSkins as a marketplace to buy and sell virtual weapon skins earned in the Counter-Strike.  According to Motherboard, they’re making A LOT of money, too.

Minacov and Brechisci manage the risks of the transactions and keep 10 percent of each sale. The two founders say they deal with an average of $120,000 in transactions per day, which means a daily profit of about $12,000.

The men say they started their venture because players were getting scammed selling their virtual weapons online outside of the Steam Community Market, the hugely popular marketplace owned by Counter-Strike’s developer Valve.

“People used to sell their guns directly on forums”, said Minacov. “The buyer would pay via Paypal, but afterwards, would chargeback as soon as he got his item. So people who sold the weapon were getting scammed. The community wasn’t happy about it, so we tried to find a solution.”

“With us, people cash out the money they are getting from each sale. Some can make a lot of money out of it,” he explained.

Holy. Crap. The most expensive item so far is a virtual knife that sold for $5,000, according to Motherboard.

And the best thing? Artur — the 21-year-old — is still living at his parents house. I think he can afford to move out now.

Go read the whole thing over at Motherboard… 


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