Mariah Carey Is Engaged Again, And Her Rock Might Be Larger Than Nick Cannon’s Net Worth

Mariah Carey is again engaged, this time to billionaire boyfriend James Packer. The Australian businessman made most of his $3.8 billion fortune in the publishing and media industries, and with stacks like that, there’s no way Mariah wasn’t getting a diamond fit for a queen this time around.

For the record, Carey’s new rock is the size as both Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé’s engagement rings combined.

The engagement is the third time for both Packer and Carey, with Mariah having separated from her second husband, Nick Cannon, in 2014.

Okay, I’m just going to say it – there’s no way that Drumline money was ever going to put a rock like this on Mimi’s finger.

Sources report that Packer popped the question to the pop star during a dinner at Eleven Madison in Manhattan on Thursday night, and just for the record, that thing is a whopping 35-carats.

Vogue got the scoop on who Packer tapped for the engagement ice, and it sounds like a lot of thought went into this one.

Packer called on jewelry designer Wilfredo Rosado, a friend of Carey’s for more than 25 years, to create the showstopping ring. “I took the standards super high, and I wanted to create a ring that could not be measured up to,” says Rosado. The design and construction took two weeks and an “army of craftsman” that included measurement specialists and an expert well versed in the handling of such a large stone. “What is really most interesting about the ring are the proportions—the stone is so large, but we were able to create a beautiful balance with the overall simplicity of the design,” says Rosado. “It was about mixing simplicity with volume, which is very difficult to do.” Rosado included only two other (relatively) small, tapered baguettes on either side of the center stone, a look that he says he devised after having conversations over the years with Carey about the styles she prefers. “She obviously has a strong point of view about what she likes,” Rosado says. “We have the same taste, and when it came down to it, I really wanted to create something for her that was about new beginnings. I wanted to give her something super sophisticated and something that took away all of the embellishments that a lot of people use when they design engagement rings these days. But it is epic. It’s an epic ring for an epic time in her life.”

Yeah, that’s like $7.5 million on her damn finger.

Ummmmmm, sorry Nick Cannon?

[h/t The Huffington Post]

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