Mark Wahlberg Shot Arrows At Jimmy Fallon’s Head, Explains How He Got Tom Brady To Do ‘Ted 2’ And Steal His Sperm

Mark Wahlberg had a delightful appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday night where he battled Jimmy Fallon in a game called “Headshots” and told the tale of how he got Tom Brady to appear in Ted 2.

The actor and late night host engaged in Headshots, a game of accuracy where the two competitors attempt to shoot shit off the other person’s head with a bow and arrow. Fallon should not have challenged an actor that has so much experience in shooting and appeared in movies such as Shooter, 2 Guns, Contraband and Lone Survivor. It didn’t help that Fallon has the aim of Helen Keller. In the William Tell-like game, they shot balls, feathers, a bowl of popcorn and miniature Eiffel Towers off each others head.

Wahlberg also explained how he talked Tom Brady into appearing in Ted 2. It may have been a hard sell because the New England Patriots quarterback plays himself and the teddy bear Ted attempts to steal his sperm in a very sticky situation. Wahlberg also shared the story of how he told God AKA Morgan Freeman to “Go fuck himself.” Sounds like Ted 2 was a blast to film and hopefully it comes through on the silver screen.