Aziz Ansari Just Dropped The First Trailer For ‘Master of None’ Season 2 On Netflix

by 12 months ago

Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None is probably my favorite Netflix show of 2015. It hits all sorts of relatable notes for aging yuppie millennials like myself: Day-to-day life in NYC, the comedy and despair of getting older and mellowing into your 30s, the clawing internal struggle that comes with following your career dream, watching your parents age, figuring out what your own journey to self-actualization really is, etc. All this while developing and maintaining friendships and struggling figuring out what’s really important to you in a meaningful relationship. No show in modern television really shows the journey of getting older better. It’s bittersweet and sanguine.

Season 2 comes back on Friday, May 12. As you’ll recall, the last we saw Dev he was on a plane to Italy to embark on a very millennial adventure of authentic pasta making. In the trailer for Season Two, it looks like he has the time of his life in Tuscany before returning to New York City.

There’s scooters and a John Legend appearance, which has me pretty jazzed about a second season of binge-eating Cool Ranch Doritos on my couch and chuckling my face off to Aziz.

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