Charlotte McKinney Does NOT Want You To Compare Her To Kate Upton Anymore, Thank You Very Much



Did you know that Charlotte McKinney is sick of people comparing her to Kate Upton? It’s true! Personally, I don’t see the problem. Kate Upton is a household name since she’s actually been in movies and the face of multiple high-profile fashion labels, whereas I only know who Charlotte McKinney is because Doug posts bikini photos of her at least once a day. It’s like comparing kobe beef to the ground-up mystery meat your local butcher threw out the other day — sure they look the same because they’re both technically ground beef, but really, you know where the quality lies.

But since people aren’t as necessarily discerning as I am, let’s look at the facts:

  • Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney both have long blonde hair.
  • Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney both have boobs large enough to suffocate the entire state of South Dakota all at once.
  • Kate Upton and Kate Upto- I MEAN Charlotte McKinney are both models.

But yeah, during a Twitter chat with Page Six Charlotte McKinney (who I’m now starting to believe might just be a failed clone of Kate Upton, come to think of it), said:


She’s over it. We’re over it. And if you’re not, then go ahead and get over it.

[H/T Page Six]

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