Charlotte McKinney Does NOT Want You To Compare Her To Kate Upton Anymore, Thank You Very Much

by 5 years ago


Did you know that Charlotte McKinney is sick of people comparing her to Kate Upton? It’s true! Personally, I don’t see the problem. Kate Upton is a household name since she’s actually been in movies and the face of multiple high-profile fashion labels, whereas I only know who Charlotte McKinney is because Doug posts bikini photos of her at least once a day. It’s like comparing kobe beef to the ground-up mystery meat your local butcher threw out the other day — sure they look the same because they’re both technically ground beef, but really, you know where the quality lies.

But since people aren’t as necessarily discerning as I am, let’s look at the facts:

  • Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney both have long blonde hair.
  • Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney both have boobs large enough to suffocate the entire state of South Dakota all at once.
  • Kate Upton and Kate Upto- I MEAN Charlotte McKinney are both models.

But yeah, during a Twitter chat with Page Six Charlotte McKinney (who I’m now starting to believe might just be a failed clone of Kate Upton, come to think of it), said:


She’s over it. We’re over it. And if you’re not, then go ahead and get over it.

[H/T Page Six]

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