New York Based Comedian Metta World Peace Is Launching a Standup Comedy Tour

Comedy blog Splitsider has the juicy scoop:

Get excited, fans of athletes doing standup! The NBA's own Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) has been promoting a new standup tour called “Metta World Peace Presents Ultimate Comedy” via Twitter, with a poster that says the shows are “hosted by your favorite athlete, Ron Artest, along with the country's top comedians.” No word on who is coming along on this tour with the New York Knicks forward, but he has at least one gig booked, at famed NYC club Caroline's on September 12th.


Splitsider further notes that this isn't Artest's first time at the rodeo–he's been doing standup since 2011. And just like all of the best comics, Artest now has some solid experience in both LA and New York. 

Metta World Peace Is a New York-based Standup Comedian, most known for his nasty defensive stance. Follow Him on Twitter @MettaWorldPeace

[H/T: Splitsider]