Original Ferrari Testarossa From ‘Miami Vice’ Up For Auction — Awesome White Suit Not Included

by 4 years ago
Miami Vice Car

Mecum Auto Auction

I’m struggling to remember a television show with more style influence than Miami Vice. At least for bros. I know broads had Sex In The City, Gossip Girl and Sister Wives but Miami Vice single-handedly sold about a billion white suits in the mid-1980s and made loafers with no socks absolutely acceptable.

Not only did half the country want to dress like Crockett and Tubbs (with the other half wanting to bang them) but the show also made the Ferrari Testarossa a symbol of 80s squander and every guy wanted it parked in his driveway (next to the beat-up IROC).

As luck would have it, any guy who grew up idolizing Crockett and Tubbs can now own one of the original Miami Vice Ferraris for only a little bit of pocket.

Guess what, you can now own one of the two Testarossas used in Miami Vice as it will hit the Mecum Auction next month. Originally retailing for about $181,000, this particular Testarossa has been in storage for the last 26 years and only has 16,000 miles on it.

Dust off your cassette tapes and ride around town in style like C&T. Auction goes down next month.

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