Some Bro Took A Picture Of A Crazy Storm And Yup, That’s The ‘King Of Pop’ Michael Jackson Dancing In The Clouds



I’ve never been able to see Jesus in burnt bread, but when I look at the picture of these clouds I definitely see Michael Jackson. Yesterday in the storm clouds over Goochland County, Virginia (yes, there’s a real place in America called ‘Goochland’) the ‘King of Pop’ himself made a posthumous appearance in clouds. If the photos are to be believed, Michael Jackson was moonwalking over Goochland like he used to for 100,000-person audiences.

Take a look, let me know what you see:


And I just noticed that Stacey Ritzen over at our sister site, UPROXX, shared this video of the cloud formations, so here that is for you to take a better look:

CONFIRMED: Michael Jackson, moonwalking in the skies over Goochland.

[via WTRV]