Michelle Pfeiffer Says She Was ‘Terrified’ Filming ‘Scarface’ And Would Cry Herself To Sleep

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Scarface director Brian De Palma and Al Pacino resisted auditioning Michelle Pfeiffer for Elvira, Tony’s bitter trophy wife, since she was just rebounding from a colossal flop in Grease 2. A producer named Martin Bregman talked the two into giving her a shot, and the rest is history. Pfeiffer played the sultry, mysterious, battered wife of a sociopath to near perfection and it catapulted her into superstardom.

Now, 34 years after her breakout performance in the culturally ubiquitous crime drama, the 58-year-old Pfeiffer speaks about the trials and tribulations of filming in a dude-heavy environment where the few women had anything but empowering roles. The word ‘fuck’ is used at least 207 times in the 170-minute movie, no shortage of which were directed at Pfeiffer’s character.

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