‘@Midnight’ Host Chris Hardwick Is On A Crusade To End Nipple Censorship In America


Yesterday we alerted you to the presence of yet another Miley Cyrus topless photo shoot. The singer’s anatomy, as it often does, inspired all kinds of clicks and conversation online.

Comedy Central’s @Midnight, a show specializing in viral internet content, led its program with the nudity last night. And host Chris Hardwick had a real problem with the fact his show had to blur Cyrus’ chest.

That, my friends, is an adult passionate about the nipple.

Perhaps you agree with him. Perhaps you don’t.

But it’s a little odd he’s so fired up about the subject considering bare female breasts have never been welcome on television.

Regardless, keep on fighting the good fight, Mr. Hardwick. Don’t let us or anyone else tell you it’s not important. Points to you for being the change you wish to see in the world.