Every Bro Has A Friend Who Acts Like Mike Stud’s Best Friend ‘Blue’ When Drunk

[protected-iframe id=”9ed05f71c19467cbf7a3dcc75a8ee0f6-97886205-93351060″ info=”http://tv.esquire.com/videos/embed/t90fVTR7_EA=?ssid=http://tv.esquire.com&cplay=esquire_embed_off_domain_vod” width=”660″ height=”371″ frameborder=”0″]

Matt “Blue” Ouellet isn’t a household name, but you’re probably familiar with his best friend, rapper Mike Stud. A hype man in the rapper’s squad, Blue has been best boys with Stud since back in the day. When he goes on tour with the rapper, he parties pretty hard compared to the rest of the group. This has earned Blue a fitting nickname on the road: “Blueligerent,” a state of drunkness when your boy “stops being fun to hang out with and is literally in another atmosphere.”

Our friends from the Esquire Network passed over a clip from Stud’s TV show, This Is Mike Stud, where the group talks about Blueligerent. There is only one takeaway: Every Bro has a friend who gets like this when they’re drunk. Every. Single. Bro.

Catch a new episode of This Is Mike Stud on the Esquire Network tonight at 10PM/9CT.

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