Mila Kunis Prefers To Be Naked All The Time Now

And here we thought that Mila Kunis becoming pregnant was going to be a bad thing.

Word from OK! magazine is that as Mila is moving along in her pregnancy she’s at her most comfortable when she’s completely naked, so she’s apparently is like that a lot.

“She’s so big, and the baby is moving a lot,” says an insider. “Nothing makes her feel more comfortable and relaxed than being naked.”

The insider says that Mila’s fiancé, Ashton Kutcher, “doesn’t mind in the least,” but is worried Mila will go stir-crazy before the baby even arrives and keeps trying to come up with fun activities to get her out of the house.”

Pregnant or not pregnant I have no doubt that Kutcher is enjoying himself. And he better enjoy it while it lasts, because as we know, Mila’s not going to be letting him have anything close to a look at her naughty bits once the baby arrives.

It’s just my hope that this need for clothing freedom continues once Kunis spits that baby out. That and that she doesn’t actually go through with her threat to become a full-time mom, because then we’ll never get the chance to enjoy this new-found freedom the way Ashton has, the jerk.

Mila Kunis image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock