Mila Kunis’ Stalker On The Loose After Breaking Out Of A Psychiatric Facility

Mila Kunis stalker

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I didn’t even know Mila Kunis had a stalker, let alone one who was so creepy that he ended up in a psychiatric facility. Unfortunately for her, he is no longer in that psychiatric facility because he done escaped.

Cops say that Stuart Lynn Dunn somehow managed to disappear on Saturday night from a facility in Pomona, California where he was being detained. I wonder where he might be headed?

According to the Mirror, Mila Kunis has increased her security since the news of Dunn’s escape broke. Smart.

Security around Hollywood star Mila Kunis has been stepped up after her stalker escaped from a mental health unit.

Police said Stuart Lynn Dunn went missing on Saturday night from where he was being detained in a facility in Pomona, California.

He made an “unauthorized departure” from the psychiatric facility about 8pm leading to staff at the county probation office to ask for help from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s major crimes bureau in locating him.

Lieutenant Martin Rodriguez, who confirmed the actress had been informed of Dunn’s escape, said the manhunt is “in progress and ongoing”.

Dunn was put in a mental health facility after pleading no contest to felony stalking of Mila Kunis in 2013 after showing up three straight days at a gym Kunis frequents and breaking into and occupying a house she had previously owned.

Police describe Dunn as 5-foot-6 and weighing around 133 pounds. Apparently he wasn’t using any of the equipment at the gym while he was in the midst of stalking the star.