The Mission Impossible 5 Trailer Is Here And It’s Got Two Words: Alec Baldwin

by 4 years ago

Not only does it have Alec Baldwin, The Mission Impossible 5 trailer has the bananas nutso scene we learned about a while back.

As you probably know by now, Tom Cruise does all his own stunts and, to him, the more unbelievable the better. That’s why, as pants shitting as it was to us, we weren’t surprised by these photos of Cruise hanging on the side of a plane at 5,000 feet.

How did he get there? Well, the end of the trailer shows you. By holding on for dear life while a jet took off.



The movie’s full title is Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Tom Cruise, Jeremey Renner and crew take on something known as ‘The Syndicate,’ which I hope Alec Baldwin is in charge of.


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