You’re About To Get a Lot More Louis CK on Your Television

FX Networks knows that, which is why their production company just locked Louis CK into a deal to produce another show. From Deadline

FX Prods. has inked an overall deal with Louis CK and his company Pig Newton to develop and produce new series. The agreement is separate from Louie, which this year earned ad-supported cable’s first Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy nomination. 

They are giving Louis CK complete freedom to do whatever he likes. 

Under the overall pact, Louis CK’s first, the new series will be created or supervised by Louis CK, who would have the option to write or direct … and will executive produce.

So who knows where he goes with this. It could be an animated series, or it could be Louis CK doing a shot-for-shot remake of every season of 24, with him replacing Jack Bauer (please make this happen). Either way, we know it will be great, because he's been killing it lately